Read The Signs

In September 1982, Aleida said four things to me, three of which were predictions.

‘You will go into healing’

‘Do you know green is really red?’

‘You will write a book one day’

‘Your legs will be all right.’

The last after trying to hide her shocked expression.

In January 1983, a month before her 63rd birthday, Aleida died. Now, twenty years later, I look back and realise what this great lady saw then, how my life was to unfold.

This book is all about my journey to healing.

From the moment her mother-in-law predicted she would suffer problems with her legs, Marjolyn explored different methods to prepare herself for an unknown physical challenge and healing.

Born in the East Indies, now known as Indonesia, Marjolyn worked as a teacher and raised four children in Australia. Despite the demands of being a working mum she also made time to learn many healing modalities. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1994. Over the next decade, it became increasingly difficult to manage. It became so bad that she wished she could die until…

Marjolyn realised, as time went on, that the predictions her mother-in-law had made a decade earlier were starting to come to fruition. The last one being: ‘Your legs will be all right.’